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STREAS Vacuum Components Manufacter

Technology, research, passion, organizational spirit and production investments. These are the elements that make STREAS a definite point of reference in the production of high and ultra-high vacuum flanges and fittings. Experience built on solid skills and organizational know-how where, by constantly rationalizing production and implementing a continuous, precise development strategy, STREAS has managed to make a name for itself on both national and international markets. Innovative technologies, constant research and organizational spirit have thus allowed STREAS to enjoy ever-increasing success amongst the most demanding users. So, in addition to its standard products, the company can manufacture special versions catering to all specific needs. A highly efficient modus operandi that steers its jobs towards innovative solutions promising total qualitative reliability to guarantee a "good response every time" to a whole range of different demands, thus making the company an ideal partner when factors like high technology, reliability and quality are essential.